Harvest Energy Solutions Provides Cost Effective Renewable Energy for Agriculture, Commercial and Residential Customers Throughout the Midwest

Over the past several years I have had conversations with hundreds of farmers that expressed concern and frustration over the skyrocketing cost of energy and the volatile supply in real times of need. As a result, many of us are taking steps toward energy conservation and are considering alternative and renewable options with the ultimate goal of energy sustainability and independence right on your own farms.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could cut your electric bill in half? Or come up with a practical way to produce your own electricity when and where you need it? What if you could lock in the cost of electricity at a dramatically reduced rate providing a real hedge against inflation for decades to come?

At Harvest Energy Solutions, we have taken on this challenge. Currently we offer the most energy efficient American-made products to the agricultural industry and continue to add more over time. Products that offer great return on investment cash flows and that are designed for extended use.

This website has been designed to give you an overview of our current product line, introduce you to our strategic partners and to give you some insight of what Harvest can offer to your operation. If you are not happy with the current cost of energy on your farm, we can help:

• Identify where your farms energy waste might be with a Harvest Farm Energy Audit. Remember - You can’t control what you can’t measure
• Change your behavior- reduce and conserve
• Replace and upgrade to Harvest Energy Efficient Products
• Become more energy independent with Harvest Renewable Energy Systems 

Finding solutions in energy – it’s what the agricultural industry needs and it’s what we do.

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Mark Olinyk
President & CEO, Harvest Energy Solutions